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AT in the news for the week of 3/5 – 3/9

Adaptive Technology on Apple iPad Helps People with Autism Communicate

Eye Tracking Gets Cheap and Powerful, thanks to Tobii

Chrome extension makes Google+ Hangouts accessible to blind. Made by non-Google person!

Vanderbilt Student Rethinks How Tablets Can Help Disabled …

How Tablets Can Help Your Child’s Learning Disability

5 good news stories from CSUN12

USU students create ‘mechanical creeper’ allowing disabled man to work on cars again

Shoe prototype uses smartphone navigation and vibration to guide visually impaired wearers

Dolphin unveils SaySo, a new software tool for people w/ dyslexia

http://a11ybugs.org focuses on the role browsers and authoring tools play in making the web more accessible

The Man Working To Reverse-Engineer Your Brain

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  1. In a previous position I did some work evaluating Indian outsourcing. It was amazing what a failure the whole process was for a number of companies. Many companies I examined suffered huge losses of reputation due to poor customer service, just to point out the tip of a very big iceberg. As with any business trend, you have many executives who jump on a particular bandwagon without thinking things through. I often marvel at the bigwigs and decision-makers I have come across. While some are brilliant, too many are just executive “sheeple”.

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