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DIY Home Modifications for People With Disabilities

Contributed by Prime Weld

Everyone wants their home to be reliable and secure; there’s no exception for people with disabilities. Creating a truly accessible home requires understanding the needs of each person who lives there, which can change over time. However, with a proper assessment and a proactive approach toward modification, individuals of all abilities can enjoy many happy and safe years in their homes.

What Makes a Home Accessible?

An accessible home is one that both reduces accidents or injuries and empowers those living in the house with as much independence as possible. The goal is to give residents the freedom to live and thrive in the home. This may require modifications that prevent accidents or make daily activities easier.

Accessible homes may have structural improvements, minor enhancements, or accessories and appliances that help the resident do more than could be done without these changes. They should work for the person with disabilities and each family member.

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