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Hey there everyone, this morning’s blog post is all about GAAD.  What is GAAD you may ask, well GAAD, more commonly known as Global Accessibility Awareness Day, is an international effort to alert people about the importance of digital accessibility for all global citizens.  GAAD came about when web developer Joe Devon wrote a blog post about making accessibility awareness mainstream for web devs and the importance of creating an international awareness day back in 2011.   Joe’s blog post was certainly a catalyst and shortly after adding this post, an accessibility evangelist by the name of Jennison Ascuncion joined forces with Joe to market the concept of a global awareness day.  


GAAD has now become an extremely important event that is celebrated across the globe.  The level of participation by large IT solutions companies has increased the attention and visibility of this day.  As accessibility becomes more and more mainstream we hope that every IT solutions company makes accessibility one of their core values of their respective IT products.   


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