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Contributed by James Whitney, AT Clinician, MDTAP

Today’s topic is an exciting one. After meeting with RJ Adler from Wheelpad and learning more about their company and the service they provide we wanted to share this information with you! So what is Wheelpad? Wheelpad is a company that will provide an ADA compliant, wheelchair / handicapped friendly living space brought to your home. How does this work? This is a portable living space that can be set up and attached to a “host house” to add an additional living quarter to a home for a loved one to occupy without having to build it from the ground up. This can be a short-term lease for up to 3 years or you can purchase the Wheelpad with the option to sell it back to the company at a later day when you no longer need this attachment. Wheelpad is designed so that the structure can remain permanently on the wheels used for delivery. With additional jack bracing, an optional deck can be constructed for aesthetic purposes. Insulated electricity and plumbing mimics those used in RV systems. These structures are customizable so that you can make it your own! One of my personal favorite parts of the Wheelpad is that the bathroom is a full “wet room” with non-slip flooring. This means that you can use the bathroom in any way you like to shower and it doesn’t matter what gets wet because it is all meant to handle moisture and drain in a safe way. This comes with non-slip flooring that covers the entire bathroom for safety.

From their website: “Our goal is to respectfully and supportively provide transitional housing for Veterans, those who have experienced a spinal cord injury, those with debilitating illnesses such as ALS or MS, those who want to age in place, and others newly needing accessible living accommodations in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way.”

If you would like to find out more information about Wheelpad and see if this is a good fit for you go to their website https://www.wheelpad.com/ and you can contact them here Contact Wheelpad.

This is a photograph of a wheelpad bedroom. This photograph exhibits a room with a bed, a nightstand, and a wheelchair positioned by the bed and nightstand. The bed has a colorful quilt on it with squares of purple, green, blue, and orange. The ceiling has circular lights that go down length of the room. This is a photograph of the bathroom that a wheelpad would have. The entire bathroom is a "wet room" that can be used in any way to shower without worrying about a drain. the floor is all black and a non-stick material. The walls have a silver metallic substance that looks like aluminum. The picture shows a shower area, toilet, and floating sink that are all ADA compliant and wheelchair friendly. This photograph portrays a woman in a blue/purple sweater standing outside of the wheelpad. This wheelpad is attached to a host house with a connecting walkway built into the side of the wheelpad. This shows a black ramp that is built up to enter the connecting strcuture. There are trees and plants all outside of the wheelpad and the host house. This is a photograph of a digital design of wheelpad attached to a digital house. This shows the dimensions of wheelpad when it is attached to a two story home. The wheelpad is attached to the front of the digital house and is brown while the digital house i a white/grey color. The wheelpad has flowers and handrails that surround the ramp that leads up to it.

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