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Wayzn Pet Door Access

I wanted to introduce an awesome new smart home device that can aid with independence for pet owners with disabling physical conditions.  Owning a pet is a wonderful life experience and especially owning a rescue dog.  For those with certain physical disabilities owning a pet can be tricky to navigate independently.  The fantastic folks from Wayzn have come up with an innovative solution to getting your dog outside to your garden or yard so they can handle their toileting needs.  Let me introduce the Wayzn – a smart home setup for opening/closing sliding doors that includes a sophisticated smart locking system, smart speaker with camera/sensor for secure entry/re-entry, a smart dog collar and other sensors (pending release).Dog sitting next to sliding glass door with "Wayzn" in blue letters above door.

Wayzn allows the user to let their dog out from wherever they happen to be via their smart phone app and whenever is needed without the needs of human intervention e.g. a pet walker.  Wayzn securely controls the sliding door through the use of an easily installed piston locking system used in conjunction with the smart camera and the smart dog collar.  The user has numerous options to determine how and when the dog enters/re-enters the home via the sliding door!  Finally, when not in use, the device, can be easily stored in the entry way and therefore disabling the device returning the doorway to its original functioning, if desired.

Brown dog walking in open door into house.

Personally, I think this would be a great smart home setup for pet owners that have sliding doors in their who have limited mobility and those with physical dexterity issues that means owning pets can be challenging.  The Wayzn appears to be a fantastic product that can definitely impact the lives of those with disabling conditions that own or wish to own pets.  I am excited to see the Wayzn in person and I am considering ordering this product for a family home in New York.  On a final note, a think the starting price point of $399 is very reasonable when you compare it to making other permanent alterations to your home such as dog doors.  It should be noted that not all of the tech in this post will come with the device for the base price of $399!

Screenshot of Wazyn app front page with picture of dog outside sliding glass door.

To learn more about the product, please visits the link below:


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Andrew Drummond

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