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Hi guys, this week I wanted to highlight a really cool piece of hardware that has just released today – it is the HoloLens 2. This is the latest high-end smart glasses from Microsoft and what is different about this
bit of kit is mixed realities (augmented and Virtual Reality). The product will retail for approximately $3500 and is available to ship this week directly from the Microsoft Store.

Side view of headgear lens on black background

Based on what I have seen– it has almost limitless applications and could end up becoming a game changer for individuals with disabilities by allowing them to do things their bodies may not allow. The HoloLens 2 in conjunction with the control devices allow the user to interact almost tactually with holographic content in almost natural and instinctually way! From my understanding, I will have a chance to demo this product at my next accessible technology conference later this month in Denver.

Woman wearing lens on head against gray background

The pricing for this device may be out of the reach for some consumers but the product is aimed at working professionals such as surgeons, engineers, scientists, designers, musicians, artists, composers and almost anyone that needs to visually interact with their work in a creative manner.  I envision this tool could helpful for individuals with gross motor challenges or those restricted to their home to immerse themselves in their work in alternative and augmentative manner.

I am really excited to see this product in person later this month!!!

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