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Able Gamers

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Wow, what a fantastic week at MDTAP!! Well, I have been thinking a lot about accessible gaming and gaming generally this past week. Today, I wanted to highlight a fantastic charitable organization not too far from Maryland, the organization goes by the name of ‘Able Gamers.’  This charity happens to be the largest and most comprehensive gaming-centric charitable organization on the planet!  They are based in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia over in Charles County.

Able Gamers Charity logo on white background

Able Gamers provide a range of charitable services include: informal adaptive gaming consultations for individuals with disabilities at their HQ in their inclusive gaming lab, expert consultative support to mainstream video game companies, grants for gamers with disabilities (or organizations supporting inclusive gaming/social events) and finally player panels (giving gamers with disabilities that chance to be heard by gaming developers regarding their accessibility needs.

Young man playing video game using adaptive equipment.

Finally, I would definitely recommend any family or individual that wants to ascertain what technology they (or a loved one) might need to game with their friends or peers in the gaming community.  If you do want to learn a little more about the work of Able Gamers or want to support their work — I suggest you reach out to their fantastic Director and Founder at Able Gamers, Mark Barlet.  I have had the pleasure of working with Mark in the past, he’s a dedicated gamer, passionate about inclusive gaming and has the utmost respect of the gaming community.  Again, if you need support with accessible gaming here in Maryland please reach out to me at MDTAP and if you wish to delve further into accessible gaming please contact Able Gamers in WV.

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