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Google’s on a roll with some great new apps for the deaf & hard of hearing!!


Live Transcribe – Developed by Google, this app transcribes in-person speech using Google’s speech-to-text engine. It also identifies sounds such as clapping, a doorbell, etc.


Sound Amplifier – Used with earbuds, this app amplifies the sound around the user. Pitch is adjustable with a simple slider, and it’s expected that in the future, the app will also amplify all audio on the device, such as music, movies, podcasts, and more!


Stay tuned for two additional groundbreaking apps – Live Captions (a service transcribing all media content on a smartphone) and Live Relay (Google’s service transcribing phone calls in real time).


For more info on Live Captions, check out Mashable’s article reviewing some of the features to roll out with the service. And for Live Relay, Slash Gear offers a great take on this soon-to-be service.

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