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Lucia Cellphone

Today, I am going to be highlighting a new cell phone from Raz Mobility.  Based on my brief hands-on demo, information from their website and my reading so far I am pretty impressed.  It is an accessible ‘basic’ cell phone (the non-smart variety) designed for individuals with various disabling conditions including: blindness, low vision, dexterity challenges, and/or seniors.  This phone is the big button variety that you looks quite similar to something would have been more commonly available pre-5G or even pre-4GLTE!

Three Lucia cell phones in blue, orange and black on white background.


Let’s get to the device features — wow for a non-smart cell it is jam packed!  To start, the phone has an amplified speaker for individuals with hearing challenges that need a boost.  Other accessible and helpful features: an SOS button, an audio guide for visually impaired users, talking watch, accessible buttons and premium speakers for clarity.  Finally, I would like to mention the overall design of the phone it is pretty sturdy, appears very well built and looks like it could withstand quite a few falls/drops.

Close up of orange Lucia phone.  Screen has large display and colorful big, buttons.

My personal experience, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to tryout a demo model of this phone a few months back and despite it being extremely basic in design, it was terribly pragmatic.  For the intended target audience, I feel that Lucia is a great non-smart solution as it is easy to use, requires minimal programming, and next to nothing set up time.  I love the nice clear speech output from the keys (and the audio guide), the easy to press buttons, the large view-able screen, and the overall accessibility of the cellphone.

Finally, this is definitely a helpful phone for individuals with certain conditions and/or seniors.  Overall I think this phone is a winner, especially for those folks that don’t want to go the smart-phone ‘route.’

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  1. Bonnie Rinesmith says:

    I would like information on a cell phone for a blind person.
    Wher can you buy one and the cost.

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