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I hope this blog post finds you all having a great week!  Well, this week’s blog post is a little different from normal.  Instead of highlighting a new product, service or one particular company’s work in the field of accessibility — I am instead sharing out a collation of absolutely fantastic resources that explains smart home options for seniors including automation. This resource is pragmatic and written in a non-techy manner so readers of all levels of technological savviness will be comfortable digesting the content. 

cartoon showing house with smart home device under it connecting to a clock, lightbulb, mailbox.

I really love the format of the Smart Home blog; in particular the way it carefully categorizes the potential tools/devices into areas of the home.  The first area covered is the front door/entrance, next to the kitchen options, moving on to the dining room, then the living room and the bedroom.  I do like the neutrality of this blog and how it explains the smart home features that can be acquired to cover each area without plugging one particular product or manufacturer over and over like some blogs.  However, I do feel this resource could be a great teaching tool so folks get acquainted with the potential types of smart home technology.  After spending a little more time thinking, I do think this resource would be even more helpful if they included hyperlinks to some products instead of leaving the reader with another job of searching the web for a potential product to cover an identified need. 

Graphic showing house in center with bubbles around it containing lightbulb, lock, key, computer, temp gauge.

Finally, what I do love about this blog is that it initially stresses that smart home technology can aid with aging in place.  Anyway, to get cracking and read more about potential smart home supports for seniors please click here.

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