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Apple Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC19) Apple macOS & iOS

Wow, what can I say, WWDC19 was jam packed with exciting news and I am so excited to learn about the new macOS and iOS feature, ‘ Voice Control.’  I have literally not slept well with the excitement bubbling for the release of this new accessibility feature.  ‘Voice Control’ is an absolute game changer for macOS and iOS — it is going to revolutionize the way individuals with fine motor challenges interact with their Apple Products.

WWDC19 logo of robot head with parts flying out. Black background

Later this fall, a new iOS and OS update will occur and ‘Voice Control’ will arrive for consumers across the globe.  This feature will allow the end user’s voice to navigate, dictate and work your devices in a completely new way.  With macOS Catalina, Voice Control lets the user who is not able to access traditional input devices to control Mac and iOS devices entirely with their voice!!!!! 

Close up of iphone with Voice Control on screen.

I am so excited to see the possibilities of the latest accessibility feature.  It’s basically like the old Voice Control on steroids!  Currently, I am thinking of all of the possibilities of using this new accessibility feature with individuals with limited or no upper limb control.  Again, thanks for reading and I look forward to the release of the ‘new’ Voice Control!


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