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Beeraider Keyboard

Wow, what a busy week but about ten days ago we were fortunate to have the Beeraider arrive from the Republic of Ireland.  It arrived in a typical airmail style box that wasn’t particularly accessible.  The intent of this product is actually to increase productivity for data entry; however, many AT professionals and occupational therapists have realized this device is the perfect solution for individuals with disabilities that need to type one-handed.

Close up of beeraider keyboard in black

Well after doing a quick un-boxing the other day I was really impressed with the design and build quality of the keyboard.  The package we ordered came with a mouse and a keyboard overlay that can alter the keyboard setup. Overall, the quality of the mouse appears to be pretty good and not too bad as an included item.

Beeraider keyboard and box sitting behind it

I have attempted to keyboard using this new keyboard layout — I found it very tricky to be fair.  It should be noted that like most people I learned to keyboard using touch typing on a QWERTY keyboard at a young age; so anything else is very foreign to me as an experienced keyboarder.  The overlay that can be placed over the main keyboarding area can be used to adjust the keyboard layout — upon attempting to utilize it the keyboard overlay fit pretty flush and stayed in place during my short keyboarding efforts.

Overall, I think this is a great solution for individuals that need to keyboard that don’t have the ability to use both hands. I hope the price comes down a little bit but overall, I am pretty happy with this modern solution to address a critical need for individuals with only functional unilateral upper limb control.

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