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Contributed by Erin Swann, ATP

Joan Green is a speech-language pathologist based out of Montgomery County, Maryland who founded the organization, Innovative Speech Therapy, to provide services to those with communication and learning disabilities.

Recently, Joan is focusing on educating people about the assistive technology resources that they may already own on their computer, phones, or tablets that they may not be aware of.  Accessibility features, which are built into the operating system, can assist those who are not able to speak or who have trouble reading, writing, or seeing.

Joan currently has two free courses available.  Click on the two following links to read more information about each free course and determine if enrolling would benefit you or someone you are working with.

5 Free Ways to Make Reading Easier

Downloadable Communication Boards for Adults in Health Care Settings

Check back to Joan’s course website over time as she plans to add additional courses designed to help people with disabilities with assistive technology.

Another free resource that Joan provides is educational assistive technology webinars.  Visit the following link to sign up to be notified when her next webinar is scheduled: Webinar Interest Signup

If you are a parent or professional looking to learn even more in-depth information about assistive technology for special education settings, Joan has released the 3rd edition of her highly-rated book, Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources to Support Literacy, Communication, and Learning Differences.

We are lucky to have such a great local AAC resource helping Marylanders as well as those across the United States.  Follow Innovative Speech Therapy on Facebook for even more content including helpful videos, articles, and updates relating to assistive technology for those with a variety of types of disabilities.


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