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Contributed by Erin Swann, ATP

One of the newest editions to our MDTAP loan library is an updated Eyegaze Edge.  We previously had an older version of the Eyegaze Edge, however, the new device has a thinner tablet, updated camera design, and updated software features.

the eyegaze edge pieces including a tablet, keyboard, and table mount

Using the Eyegaze Edge, someone is able to move the mouse cursor and click using eye movement.  The software on the Eyegaze Edge allows the device to be used as a communication device for someone who is unable to speak.  The user can also use their eye movement to send email, access the Internet, and have complete control of the Windows-based tablet.

the assembled eyegaze edge. a tablet is mounted on a table with a keyboard beneath it. The eyegaze camera is mounted below the tablet.

The eye gaze camera is connected to the bottom of the tablet and focuses on one of the user’s eyes.  During calibration, the camera takes measurements of the user’s eyes while looking at a dot that moves to different locations around the screen.  That data is used to determine where the user is looking when he or she is clicking on buttons or typing using eye movement.  The dwell clicking feature allows someone to click by holding their gaze in one location for a specified amount of time.

four screenshots on the eyegaze edge showing internet shortcuts, a keyboard for typing, the kindle app for reading, and an alert page for sending an emergency message

The software on the Eyegaze Edge is designed to be as easy to use as possible with the eyes by having large, easy to select, buttons.  There are shortcuts for commonly used features including a Kindle app for reading and turning pages with eye gaze.  There is also an alert shortcut button giving access to a loud alarm sound or the ability to send a text message to a caregiver in case of emergency.

There is even a page where you can store phrases to be spoken to an Amazon Echo.  The Amazon Echo is able to respond to spoken instructions from a device in the same way it responds to human speech.  Using eye gaze, someone could click on a button that would cause the device to say, “Alexa, turn on the light.”

Visitors to MDTAP can see a demo of the Eyegaze Edge and try all of the features in person.  Send us a message at mdtap@mdtap.org if you’d like to see our updated Eyegaze Edge!


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