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PRC has announced a 50% off discount for the iOS communication app LAMP Words for Life.

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd, this discount will be valid from April 1st through April 4th only.  With a regular price of $299.99, the 50% discount will bring the cost of this app down to $149.99 for significant savings.

LAMP Words for Life was designed for those with Autism who have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts and needs.  The letters L A M P stand for Language Aquisition through Motor Planning.  LAMP was designed so that symbols and words never change location on the screen, making it easier to remember their location through muscle memory.  And with three levels, LAMP can accommodate a range of communication abilities.

If you are in the market for the LAMP app, be sure to make your purchase of this iOS app in the iTunes store during the four-day sale starting April 1, 2018!


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  1. Tina Dawson says:

    Is LAMP still available for $149.99?

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