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Friendly Beds

Contributed by Joe Vosters and Sara Roehrig from Bill-Ray Home Mobility

Man pulling himself up in bed using the Friendly Bed device

Keeping people at home benefits everyone, and here is a new product to assist in that.  Friendly Beds focuses on improved safety (for person and caregiver), independence, mobility, self-esteem, strength conditioning, etc.  Getting in/out of bed (and repositioning in bed) can be difficult for people with many disabilities (especially Parkinsons) and presents a great risk of injury for both the person and caregiver – our product is often a perfect solution. In some cases, we are the main reason a person remains at home – in others we can be their ticket out of a nursing home.


Main Points for Friendly Beds –

  • Injury/fall prevention – heavy-duty components allow a person to help themselves, preventing injury to the person and caregiver.
  • Strength conditioning possibilities – exercise (in disguise) for overall health improvements.
  • Allows couples to remain sleeping together despite mobility issues – a choice they never had before. 
  • Independence/self-esteem improvements – ease in self-repositioning for comfort and reduced risk of bed sores.  
  • Helps keep people where they prefer to be at home. 
  • Cost is less than 2 weeks in a nursing home and far less than the cost of a serious injury to person or caregiver. 
  • The transfer bar option for people with little/no leg strength is unique and critical for some people to remain home at all. 

Photo of the Friendly Bed device consisting of bars surrounding a bed.

Friendly Beds is new, innovative, and unique – there is no other product with a three-foot-long trapeze, heavy-duty pivoting assist rails, attached balance pole, over-the-mattress nightstands, a transfer bar (for people with little/no leg strength), etc.  The product allows people to sleep in their normal wide bed (with space to roll over or sleep with a bed partner) despite the issues of age/disability – a choice that never existed before.


For more information please visit www.FriendlyBeds.com



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