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Written by Joel Zimba, MDTAP’s Special Projects Coordinator

NFB Newsline (http://www.nfbnewsline.org) is a service available to anyone who is unable to read regular news print.  Over 300 newspapers and a variety of magazines are also available.  A standard touch tone telephone is all you need in order to call a local or toll free number and begin using NFB Newsline.

After entering an identification code and password, provided upon completing the application process, a user is provided with a
choice of ten options.  If you are using NFB Newsline for the first time, choosing option #1 will begin the interactive tutorial.  The hierarchical menu system is easily navigable and moving between publications and sections of the NFB Newsline system is quick and easy.

Within a minute of first logging on to the system, I was reading the most recent issue of Rolling Stone. Then I switched to the local channel to check the morning news, which in my case was for  Baltimore. I am accustomed to a much faster reading speed, so I went to the settings menu via option #0. There I was able to switch speech engines as well as change the speed and volume.

Recently, NfB Newsline has expanded their offerings of international newspapers as well. And Job listings, provided through careerbuilder.com, can be accessed by choosing option #9.  If you would prefer to download content rather than listening to it through your telephone, NFB Newsline is also accessible on the web at:

http://www.nfbnewslineonline.org.  Publications can be downloaded or E-mailed to you for later listening.

In order to begin using NFB Newsline fill out the NFB Newsline Application(https://www.nfbnewsline.net/Nl2/NL2NewUserReqInput.jsp), or call(410) 659-9314.  If you are a member of your state’s library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, then you are also eligible for NfB Newsline.  You may qualify through other organizations as well.

NFB Newsline is a free service provided by the National Federation of the Blind   (http://www.nfb.org).

National Federation of the Blind, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, MD 21230, (410) 659-9314

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