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Guest post contributed by Erin Swann, MSE, ATP, MDTAP

The i.d. mate Galaxy is a talking barcode scanner with several features designed to help people with low vision. Using the i.d. mate Galaxy is a great way to identify objects with barcodes at home or in the community.  When a barcode is scanned, the name and description of the item will be played for items contained in a pre-loaded database.  For items not contained in the pre-loaded database, the user can create his or her own descriptive recordings of items.  Additionally, the i.d. mate Galaxy comes with barcode tags that can be attached to items without barcodes such as clothing, pictures, or documents.  Barcode tags are available in three formats including stickers, tags that attach via a rubber band, and iron-on tags for clothing.

A new feature of the i.d. mate Galaxy from previous versions is the capability of wi-fi connectivity. This allows the device to connect to an online database, which increases the number of scanned items that can be found.  It also allows the user to easily update the database and the device software when updates are available.  Other features found on the i.d. mate Galaxy include a memo mode and an mp3 player mode.  The memo mode can be used to create recordings for tasks such as creating a to-do list, creating a shopping list, or taking notes.  The mp3 player mode allows music or other mp3 files that have been transferred to the device to be played.
If you think this device would be useful to you or someone you know, you can schedule a visit to our assistive technology loan library to see a demonstration of the most recent i.d. mate, the i.d. mate Galaxy. We are able to demonstrate the i.d. mate Galaxy, but we are not able to loan it to others since we are borrowing it from En-Vision America.  However, we do have an older version, the i.d. mate Omni, with similar features that can be loaned when available.  To schedule a demo of the i.d. mate Galaxy, contact the Maryland Technology Assistance Program by calling 1-800-832-4827 or emailing mdtap@mdtap.org.

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