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MDTAP gets a shout out this week in the Washington Post article on recycling medical equipment, “Free to good home: a $4,000, 250  pound hospital bed.” Of course there’s also other cool stuff, like a concept vibrating hearing aid, a free web application to decipher text on images, and lots more. AT in the news for the week of 8/15 thru 8/19 –

Braigo launches web app to help blind people parse text on images

Strategies for Implementing Assistive Technology in the Classroom

“Becoming Disabled” by ROSEMARIE GARLAND-THOMSON via NYT 

Check out 14 Assistive Technology Demonstration Videos

Smell and eye tests offer potential for predicting Alzheimer’s

Chris Schlechty is making tech to empower people of all abilities

Free to a good home: a $4,000, 250-pound hospital bed

Research investigates how mobile apps can help people with disabilities 

How tech can help the visually impaired

Google Duo Makes Video Calling Between Operating Systems Easier

Brain-machine interfaces trigger partial neurological recovery in chronic paraplegics

Hospitals are partnering with Uber to get patients to checkups

PokemonGo used as occupational therapy tool for kids at Easterseals

Brits build ‘world’s smartest prosthetic limb’ that acts like a human leg

This concept hearing aid vibrates to tell users of loud sounds

Brain-controlled robots and VR help paraplegic patients feel and move limbs again

Facebook’s 10-Year Plan: Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, And Virtual Reality

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