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This week didn’t disappoint when it comes to great things happening in the world of assistive technology. Exoskeletons really being used, apps for chefs with low (or no) vision, Pokémon GO helping kids with ADHD, smart homes for senior citizens…stuff happening and implemented in real life! This is AT actually making a difference- AT in the news for the week of 8/8 thru 8/12

Reaching the Blind Community- Make a Difference at Your Restaurant in 24hrs [White Paper]

Robot-Like Machines Helped People With Spinal Injuries Regain Function

Pasadena native’s hand disease inspires global 3-D printing challenge

Eyefluence Is Bringing Eye Tracking Tech To The “Next Generation of VR Headsets”

Virtual reality, robots, feedback enable recovery of paraplegics

Paraplegics moving again years after spinal cord injuries

Affordable & Accessible –3D Printing Proves to Be a Realistic Technology for Helping the disabled

Hey Office Insiders! Accessibility Checker for Mac is now available for Word, Excel and PPT

Building a smart home for elderly or disabled residents

Voice-Activated App Helps Home Chefs Keep Their Hands Dirty

Using Technology to Make Transportation More Accessible

Giving a gold medal to those making the future better for people with disabilities: the first Cyborg Olympics

Pokemon GO and Kids with ADHD

Orbit Research & American Printing House for the Blind

This device is an option for an adaptive stylist for individuals with limited hand mobility.

Resource highlights arts-based technologies for disabled creative

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