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Every step, every minor change gets us a little closer to a more inclusive society. Whether people are crowdsourcing funding for assistive technology or tech companies are spearheading invention, accessibility & inclusivity are closer than ever before. AT in the news for the week of 7/18 thru 7/22

Social Robots – programmable by everyone – Personal & Service Robots

Facebook creates program enabling blind to ‘see’ photos 

Why a controversial method for autism communication hasn’t disappeared

Research, Technology Aid Effort to Help TBI Patients

Pokémon Go Is Helping This Autistic 6-Year-Old In The Most Amazing Way

Summer Camp Experience for Campers Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Amazon expands VoiceView accessibility tool for visually impaired users to the Kindle Paperwhite

Medical harpoon reduces need for open-heart surgery

How we’re applying inclusive design practices to gaming

Human hearing loss could be reversible

Knots is a fun and entertaining game for children or young adults to encourage socialization and turn-taking

Obi robot arm gives disabled diners a helping hand

USAA crafts smartphone app technology for visually impaired customers

Nottingham-made technology to help dementia patients living at home

A Disabilities Tech Company Is Raising Money on Kickstarter

More tech companies focusing on assistive technology with Braille

Google Grant to Create Smartphone Access Device for People Who Can Not Use Their Hands

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