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Don’t read this right now!!! The sun is shining, so get outside and get your vitamin D! But tomorrow, when it’s cold, rainy, and you’re stuck inside on a Saturday, you can thank us for the great reading material 🙂

AT in the news for the week of 5/16 thru 5/20

Pfizer & IBM Launch Research Project to Transform Parkinson’s Disease

Accessibility Checker is coming by the end of the year to Office for Mac

For Wheelchair Users, A RoboDesk For Electronic Devices

Enhancing Office 365 usability with screen readers on mobile devices and more

Welcome to the future: A Kindle-style braille tablet!

Wyss Institute collaborates with ReWalk Robotics to develop wearable exosuits

Affordable & Accessible–3D Printing Proves to Be a Realistic Technology for Helping the Disabled

MIT Device Makes You a Superhuman With a Third Hand – The Robotic Symbionts project is trying to bring

5 Accessibility Features Every Learner Should Know

Clinical trials of robotic legs helping patients walk again

Wearable For Visually Impaired Is A Guide For Indoor Spaces


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