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It’s happened – think to speak technology. Not quite sure how it works, or even if I ever want to use it, but its a real thing. And a really useful thing too for those with a variety of disabilities that make it impossible to communicate otherwise. There’s so much happening in the world of AT. Just take a gander at the headlines this week, AT in the news for the week of 4/25 thru 4/29.

BMW is building tricked-out wheelchairs for the Paralympics

App watches you take your pills – and knows when you’re faking

Web Accessibility Cases in 2015 & What They Mean For You [BLOG]

Penn State Students Develop True Voice Technology

Harnessing the power of technology to improve lives

Helping kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities experiencing trauma

An Entrepreneur Makes Communication a Reality for All With This Innovation

Crutches are finally getting a redesign after 150 years

Bathrooms make air travel difficult for many with disabilities  

The Secret Thoughts Professors Admit to Having About Accessibility [BLOG]
The first ever tactile tablet for blind and visually impaired individuals, dubbed “the iPad for the blind”

Microsoft new one-handed keyboard app “Word Flow” for iOS and it does a lot more than just one-handed typing!

Meet LIM, the tech company creating the ultimate wearable: prosthetic sockets

Audiology Innovators Showcase New Hearing Technology In Phoenix

An Entrepreneur Makes Speech a Reality for All

Search expert-approved apps and assistive technology to help your child with writing issues

Researchers develop magnifying smartphone screen app for visually impaired

ABLE Accounts: A New Way To Invest For People With Disabilities

“Think to Speak” Technology Finally Becomes a Reality for those unable to speak verbally


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