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Well it might seem like the obvious, but it wasn’t, until it was – pedestrian air bags, open source platform to develop caregiving apps, inclusive signage for people with invisible disabilities and more…AT in the news for the week of 3/21 thru 3/25

IBM Cloud, Watson Help Guiding Eyes Breed Superior Guide Dogs

10-Year-Old Designs Bathroom Sign for People With Invisible Conditions

Tommy Hilfiger Just Made History With a Groundbreaking New Line

Solving Web Accessibility: Leaving No One Behind

He made an app to help himself and people like him with panic attacks

Air travel options for children with severe physical disabilities

Startup adds eye-tracking technology to virtual reality

Alternative Format lab converts textbooks for disabled students

Can an iPad help you see?

Georgia siblings with disabled dominant hands play adapted musical instruments

10 Tips for Creating Accessible Course Content

Apple announces CareKit, open source platform for caregiving app development.

New technologies to prevent senior injuries at home: Pedestrian Airbags

New robotic exoskeleton technology is here from Panasonic

Self-driving bike another ride in driverless technology

Older adults buddy up with Amazon’s Alexa   

How Technology Is Transforming Disabled People’s Lives

2 Responses to “AT News Wrap Up, 3/25/16”

  1. Emily says:

    Great resources! Just a note that the “10 Tips for Creating Accessible Course Content” links to the Fox news story.

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