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Oh my gracious, this week is full of the feels, and this is just a smattering of what we tweeted! Moms making clothes for kids with disabilities (and getting big name designers to sell them!), virtual reality changing the game for those with depression, college kids designing accessible toys…check it all out. AT in the news for the week of 2/22 thru 2/26.

University Students Collaborate On Designing Prototype Toys For Children With Disabilities

How to Improve Accessibility on Your WordPress Site

Artist aims for radical visibility with new clothing line for queer people with disabilities

Wearable robots a reality in Japan

Man regains hand function thanks to 3D printed orthosis made from 70+ parts

A good night’s sleep: Engineers develop technology for special needs children

Video Game Therapy — Drexel Professors Design Games For Cerebral Palsy Patients

Bathroom For Service Dogs Opens In Chicago Airport

Students’ Bright Idea Could Help the Disabled Get Going

This Mother Designed Life-Changing Clothes For Her Son With Muscular Dystrophy

For the first time, USA’s federal education law (K-12) includes a definition & endorsement of Universal Design (UDL)

Virtual reality may help fight depression

From motorized gloves to stair-climbing wheelchairs, new tech possibilities are endless

Near Sighted VR Augmented Aid App

32 teams compete to develop affordable assistive devices for people with disabilities

Disabled musicians create music from brainwaves

The blind keyboard player who wants to fly the flag for rock musicians with disabilities

Heading to Smartphone Use, Without Hands

3-D printing gives flexible DIY hands to those in need


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