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Glowing bandages for infected wounds, talking emojis, and robots that can dress you, feed you, and even lift you…this is no spooky sci-fi Halloween story, it’s technology RIGHT NOW. AT in the news for the week of 10/26 – 10/30.

Clinical Trial Will Test if Google Glass Can Help Kids with Autism

Smart glasses translate video into sound to help the blind see

Brain Game Might Help Older Adults Remain Independent Longer

Real-time closed captioning, clipped to the user’s face

5 Web Accessibility Resources Every College Needs [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Data Briefing: Create an App for Employees with Disabilities

Facebook’s AI Can Caption Photos for the Blind on Its Own

Virtual Reality Screens Could Soon Be Tailored To Your Glasses Prescription  

[VIDEO] Facebook Accessibility: How one blind mother uses Facebook

Student-designed aid for the deaf converts speech to AR captions

Blackboard Brings Virtual Collaboration to Learners with Disabilities

Assistive Technology for Stroke, Part 2

How do blind people see emojis?

Robots are ready and welcome to assist the elderly

Scientists Connect Brain to a Basic Tablet—Paralyzed Patient Googles With Ease

ICRC Enable Makeathon Endeavors to Help People With Disabilities in Remote Areas Through 3D Printing

Pittsburgh startup Bansen Labs making gaming accessible to all

The new app that serves as eyes for the blind

Facebook’s Working On A Tool To Help The Blind “See” Images

Intelligent Dressing Glows When Wounds Are Infected

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