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Convo Lights, 6/9/15

Convo Lights From Convo Relay

Contributed by Joel Zimba, Special Projects Coordinator, MDTAP

The technology which makes room lights blink to alert the deaf to incoming phone calls has not changed in decades.  With the arrival of “Smart Lighting”, specifically the Phillips Hue lights, this has changed.

By incorporating various permutations of the Phillips Hue light kits, colors and light patterns can be used as alerts for incoming or missed calls, and even as called ID.  Rather than controlling all of the room lighting at one time, the Hue lights can be placed in lamps, or separate lighting strips.

With the invention of Convo Lights, Convo Relay demonstrates how familiar assistive technology is changing.  Phillips Hue lighting is inexpensive and easily available consumer technology. As more and more Smart Home technology becomes available, we can expect to see similar innovations with other assistive technologies.


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