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Ever wonder which devices might be helpful for someone with dementia? Or apps that could help a kid communicate about pain levels? Or maybe what movies you can stream with audio description? Answers to all of these and more are covered in this week’s AT News Wrap Up (for 4/20 – 4/24). Check it out!

How to write with your brain

New techniques for eye-gaze tracking could change computer interaction

Assistive Technology for People with Hearing Impairment

From braille to iPad: a new app enables the blind to learn

It Hurts! Pain Management Apps for Children

App opens up smartphone use for people with arm paralysis

Virtual to reality video games to help teach disabled children cognitive skills

Netflix adds descriptive audio tracks for visually impaired, starting with Daredevil

Self-Lacing Shoe Setbacks Taken in Stride

Program Looks To Turn People With Disabilities Into Entrepreneurs

Improving Accessibility of Government Websites

Judge rules that blind passengers can sue Uber for discrimination

Which? reviews assistive technology gadgets for dementia and falls

VisiTalks: A Great Tool For Communication Between Deaf And Hearing People

Parasitic flies inspire potential revolution in hearing aids

Australian twins with muscular dystrophy enable themselves through 3D printing

The Promise Of Invisibles


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