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We’re not going to ask you whether the dress is white & gold or blue & black, though you’re more than welcome to let us know what you see. But, if you know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably also aware of other pop culture news this week that just happens to include AT & disability, like the incredibly popular Comcast video of the 7-year-old blind girl’s reimagining of the Wizard of Oz, or the buzz about Eddie Redmayne winning an Oscar for portraying Stephen Hawking in the Theory of Everything. Anyway, read about these and more right here in our AT news wrap up for the week of 2/23 thru 2/27.

Self-driving cars and robot soccer

Bring back TTS (text-to-speech), Kindle

All together now: how accessibility in games is giving everyone the chance to play

This Boss Gives the Disabled What She Says They Want Most: Jobs

New Technology Showroom in Hartford Offers Solutions for Those with Disabilities

Boston’s Snowy Sidewalks Can Be A Big Challenge, Especially For The Disabled

Researchers investigate hi-tech solutions to help patients get more out of their assistive technology

Looking for a good DIY AT design idea?

Applied Physics Laboratory receives $4M to develop a retinal prosthesis

Grasp telepresence robot puts a remote teacher on your shoulder

Technology helps disabled US veteran walk again

University works to improve website accessibility for students with disabilities

(VIDEO) Watch this short sensory disability awareness film created by Basingstoke Disability Forum

A Great Speech and AT Evaluation Guide for Parents

Accessible Apple: How The Apple Watch Will Improve Security for the Visually Impaired

Now You Can Use Stephen Hawking’s Tech to Speak With Facial Expressions

This moldable device enable individuals with mobility issues to grip keys, pens, styluses, cookware, etc

Meet the Team That Makes It Possible for the Blind to Use Facebook

New assistive equipment to maximize human sensorimotor function

World’s first hands-free smartphone for the disabled

Clinton schools use font to help students with dyslexia

App Lets Anyone See for the Blind

Eye-Controlled Wheelchair Wins Top Design Award

Guide to Buying Low Vision Magnifiers

Devices give blind filmgoers Oscar-worthy experience

Comcast Beautifully Shows How a 7-Year-Old Girl Who Is Blind Imagines The Wizard of Oz

EyeMITRA, Cameraculture’s low-cost, eye health assessment tool for mobile devices, on our homepage

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