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Did you know that Australia is about to make tactile money? Or that there are contact lenses that can magnify up to 3x? Well, if you read our AT news, you’d know all about it. And more. So catch up right here – AT in the news for the week of 2/16- 2/20.

A TED playlist to watch: The autism spectrum

DeafBlind Video Relay Service heads to Beta

Art exhibition for blind people opens in Madrid

Why open source needs accessibility standards

Assistive technology is one of the strategies schools use to help with learning

Israeli Startup Creates Gaming Platform to Improve Motor Skills of Disabled Youth

Mobile apps giving disabled students more academic independence

Support local looping initiatives and use Academy resources to promote them in your office

Pill that could stop both hearing loss and tinnitus is now being tested

Scientists Develop Telescopic Contact Lenses That Can Zoom 3X

13yo blind boy successfully campaigns for tactile banknotes

Do you know a young adult with a disability who is positively affecting the lives of individuals with disabilities

Using Text Replacement so you can type less

Video: Teach Keyboarding Using UDL Techniques

Your User-Centered Design Isn’t Usable If It Isn’t Accessible

Miles O’Brien shows us how he adapts to living without his left arm

Inventor Spotlight – Merry Lynn Morris – Inventor of the omni-directional wheelchair

Canadian team uses 3D printer to make artificial legs for Ugandans

Scientists unveil cables you can bend and twist to control gadgets

Tech Incubator Earmarks $3.8 Million for Three IoT Startups

Robot helps quadriplegic man tour St. Louis Art Museum

Painful Lessons About Poverty and Disability

Assistive Technology from Ancient to Modern Times


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