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This week, MD TAP will be taking part in the MDA’s Annual Make A Muscle conference. We’re looking forward to sharing more tidbits about our presentation in an upcoming post this week, but thought it might be interesting to share a few AT items in our lab that could be useful to those with MD.

And if you’re intersted in seeing or trying any of these devices, contact us at 1-800-832-4827 or  mdtap@mdtap.org.

The Pour Thing – An easy-to-use pouring assistant, the Pour Thing holds both gallon and quart bottles, making it easy to tilt forward to pour a drink without having to put stress or strain on the hand, wrist and arm.

The Pour Thing


The Telestik Reacher – The Telestick reacher can come individually or in a dual stick, allowing the user to extend the device to pick up paper (with a sticky pad that leaves to residue on the items it lifts), a pointer to pull things closer, and a magnet that can lift up to one pound. Though it doesn’t include a grab claw (as most people are familiar with) this reacher enables users to pick up items that may not be possible to access with a more traditional reacher.


Speak4Use – A voice-activated environmental control unit, Speak4Use was designed to enable vision and mobility impairement to interact with their computer and control their environment, entertainment and computer applications with simple conversational voice commands.

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