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Bet you were scared when you thought we weren’t going to get this week’s AT Update out on time. Enjoy this treat and any others you get today! AT in the news for the week of 10/27 thru 10/31.

Course Focuses On Interior Design For Those On The Spectrum

Computer game could help visually-impaired children live independently

Phone App Checks Photos For Eye Disease

FCC to Host Accessible Wireless Emergency Communications Forum next month promoting accessibility in wireless

‘Ask AbleGamers’ YouTube Series Launches

The Most Helpful iOS 8 Features for the Visually Impaired and Hard of Hearing

When Hearing Aid Users Listen to Music, Less Is More

Google X Developing Wearable Technology That Detects Cancer

Students to Design an Autism-Friendly Kitchen

The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

Actuate, Braille Works and Venatôre to Deliver Industry’s First Cloud-Based Document Accessibility Service

Make Apps and Sites Accessible to All by Knowbility

Switches explained

Carilion Clinic makes managing healthcare online easier for people with disabilities

UT Arlington School of Social Work receives grant to develop human assistive robot learning network

2 preliminary but promising stem cell treatments for dry AMD have been released to the public

LittleSteps is an early learning that helps facilitate developmental milestone achievement in children 0-3

Photographed memories come to life for the blind thanks to a 3D printer

3D Printing And Prosthetics

Check out AbleGamers Laboratory Starts Monthly Open House for Disabled Players

From Brain To Computer: Helping ‘Locked-In’ Patient Get His Thoughts Out

Corneal Implants Might Make Reading Glasses Obsolete

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