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It’s that most wonderful time of year when kids return to school, the weather gets cool, and we dive head-first into anything pumpkin flavored. Of course it’s also when we focus a lot of time & energy into thinking about what AT could best meet the needs of students, in and out of school. This week’s review includes a fair amount of that, including lists of “best apps,” tactile books, and more. Check it all out right here – AT News Wrap Up for the week of 8/18 thru 8/22

DynaVox Unveils Dedicated Speech-generating Tablet Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments

A chair that’s a chair but isn’t there

MIT engineers clothing technology for disabled

Apps to help deaf, hearing people communicate more easily

Make It PrAACtical: Adapted Writing Tool

StopInfo for OneBusAway App Makes Buses More Usable for Blind

PTSD Online Coach: self-help tools to build coping skills

The Internet of Things Could Empower People with Disabilities

Assistive technology is transforming the lives of people with a disability

Back-to-School Guide for Dyslexic Students: Apps and More

Is the solution to wheelchair damage on airlines in the bag?

Now you only have to barely move your hand to control your smart glasses

What Technology Product Would Be the Biggest Help to Older People?

Former automotive engineer designs more user friendly wheelchair

You Don’t Have to Be Able to See to Enjoy Picture Books

Speech Apps to Smart Pens: Tech Aids Students With Learning Disabilities

A 16-Year-Old Google Science Fair Finalist Wants To Help People With Disabilities Communicate With Their Breath

Time lapse video showing how to build an Everest-D V4 braille embosser

New generation of ‘muscle suits’ make light work of heavy lifting

The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist

5 iPhone apps anyone with a #disability should be aware of

Veterans & soldiers w/ ALS now eligible for grants that will help them find accessible homes!

Increasingly, Parents Push For Inclusive Playgrounds

Judge rules case on blind ballot tool will go forward

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