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Read Articles With Speaky

Contributed by Joel Zimba, Special Projects Coordinator, MDTAP

Speaky is a simple, yet highly effective app which allows you to quickly add articles and have them read aloud.  By supplying the link to an article, Speaky processes the content and reads the text using the available speech engines from iOS.

Much like Pocket, which can source articles to Speaky, only the content of an article itself is read.  A complex website is stripped from the link, so only the document itself is read.  For example, a link from the Baltimore Sun has all of the webpage navigation and advertising removed.  This is a great way to skip having to navigate through a complicated website in order to just read an article.

Another great feature of Speaky is the ability to bring in documents from Pocket.  Many applications have an option for sending to Pocket, or you can forward the link to a Pocket email address which will magically add documents in the background.

Currently, Pocket is free.  Grab it while it’s hot.


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