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MD Prepares App

Contributed by Joel Zimba, Special Projects Coordinator, MDTAP

Check your calendars; it has been one year, nearly to the day, since Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the East Coast.  If you will excuse the metaphor, this is what put Emergency Preparedness on the RADAR for many of us. Marylanders with disabilities often have unique needs during an emergency. While exploring this issue is far beyond the scope of a Tech Tip Tuesday post, rest assured that your tax dollars are being used wisely by the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to address these needs.

We have posted before about useful services from MEMA.  Today, I’m pleased to tell you about the MD Prepares app.  You can find it in the iOS App Store and through Google Play–it’s free.  Download it.  Put it on your home screen.

MD Prepares App – iTunes app

MD Prepares Android App– Google Play

This is a great app.  First off, it appears to be completely accessible in a non-visual access sense. I could check and uncheck the items I have put in my emergency kits (there is a check list for your home kit as well as your office kit).  I checked weather reports and for other emergency alerts in my area.  In fact, during a recent power outage, the app also provided me with the number for problem reporting to BGE.  It’s all right there on the front page of the app.

I am not one to worry too much about emergencies.  I’m lucky to have a tooth brush and a pair of socks in my “Go Bag.” That said, keeping the MD Prepares app readily at hand lets me sleep better at night.  And since it has already proven its utility to me in a real world situation, it is a great step on the road toward being more prepared.


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