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New and Improved Features of KeySoft 9.3

Contributed by Joel Zimba, Special Projects Coordinator, MDTAP

KeySoft Version 9.3 is now available from Humanware.  This is the software powering the BrailleNote Apex line of notetakers.  The 9.3 update is free for all compatible devices and contains several important updates and improvements.

If you have updated KeySoft in the past, the process remains unchanged.  It is worth noting that updating the license key is no longer required if you did this with KeySoft 9.2.  The recommended process is to download the update using a computer and then transfer the software to an SD card.  The BrailleNote will detect the updated file on the SD card and begin the update.  As specified in the manual, the unit must be connected to AC power throughout this process.

The most significant feature in KeySoft 9.3 is compatibility with “.docx” files.  After a mere 7 years, a significant barrier to notetaker functionality has finally been removed.  Since this is the default file-type in Microsoft Word 2007 and above, it has become the standard for most documents, particularly in a professional environment.  The lengthy and tedious process of converting these files to a notetaker-friendly format is a thing of the past.

As if this were not reason enough to rejoice, the web-browser has also been improved.  Modern websites present many challenges to the embedded browser of the BrailleNote Apex.  The Keysoft engineers should be commended for finding a means of extending the useful life of this aging software.

Users will also enjoy direct support for the Bookshare.org and the NLS BARD websites.  Books can now be downloaded, unzipped and read directly on the BrailleNote.

For more information, and to download Keysoft 9.3, go to:



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