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Contributed by Joel Zimba, Special Projects Coordinator

A while ago, I wrote an article about the impending demise of Google Reader, a popular RSS aggregator service.

Reader is apparently meeting it’s maker on July 1st.  As I discussed before, this is a disappointment to all Google Reader users, but may be particularly hard felt by those who want to read articles in a standard and accessible format.

In the past few weeks, many services have added the ability to import your news feeds from reader.  While popular systems like FlipBoard and Feedly are strong contenders, their interfaces are messy and not entirely accessible.  My current recommendation is The Old Reader.

Theoldreader.com offers a simple, fast and free service.  It also can connect to some of the common RSS readers like Feedler for iOS.  Exporting my feeds from Google and bringing them into The Old Reader took just a few minutes.  The web interface is quite easy to use and highly accessible.  It offers many similar features to reader, like the “trending” section.

No one service is the obvious successor to Google Reader.  In the next few days, there are likely to be even more solutions.  I have read that the popular social networking site, Dig, will also be launching an RSS service.

Finding your ideal solution will take some leg work.  It looks like there will be something for everyone though.

The question remains, what else will Google eliminate in the name of cost savings?  Some say Google Voice will be the next to fall.  Stay tuned…

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