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Evaluating Web Accessibility on iDevices

If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you have a screen reader. VoiceOver comes built-in to all modern Apple touchscreen devices. VoiceOver can be enabled in the device Settings, or by quickly pressing the Home button three times. The following core functions are available:

  • Read the entire page: Swipe two fingers upward
  • Stop reading: Tap with two fingers
  • Read through page elements: Swipe left or right
  • Open or modify the rotor (a list of elements which can be navigated): Twist two fingers on the screen
    • Select from multiple rotor element by twisting
    • Once selected, swipe up or down to cycle through the selected rotor element
  • Read from current location: Swipe downward with two fingers
  • Select an element: Press and drag finger to an item, or navigate to an item using another navigation gesture
  • Activate an item: Double tap
  • Zoom: Triple tap

Basic web accessibility evaluation (checking alternative text, form labels, heading structure, reading and navigation order, etc.) can easily be performed on any Apple touchscreen device.

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