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AT in the news for 12/10 thru 12/21

Here’s just a small sampling of some of the biggest AT headlines from the past 2 weeks. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays from all the staff at MDTAP!

Videogames for the Blind?  

University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute launches new Assistive Robotics Lab

Mind games – thought controlled smartphones

Haptic assistive technology

TBoxApps Release Ground breaking Multi-Featured AAC Communication Aid

Research institute receives 2 robots

Technology lets disabled have run of the house

FEMA Continues Innovations to Meet Access and Functional Needs Integration

IBM: Computers Will See, Hear, Taste, Smell and Touch in 5 Years

Visually impaired protest at Amazon

Researchers Look To Make iPads More Accessible

“Smart Shoe Insole Holds Promise in Combating Gait Abnormalities”

Are we moving closer to a computer age where a touchscreen could be anything in your home?

Ghotit releases its Dyslexia Writing Assistant Application, the Ghotit Real Writer Pro

Access4Kids Input Device Allows Disabled Individuals To Operate Touch-Centric Tablets

Wiki launches Accessibility Toolkit to empower people with disabilities to use social media in emergencies

It’s about time. Voice & Touch Accessibility Skills Coming to Kindle in 2013

How a High Schooler Used Social Media to Help Seniors, One Shoe at a Time

Ohio mom creates app for her son who is a gifted cellist, and just so happens to have autism


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