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AT in the news for the week of 9/17 – 9/21


Two Bionic Ears Are Better Than the Sum of Their Parts

Greater accessibility for Google Apps. There’s even an admin guide to for apps.

The Presenza – Accessible Interactive Signage for Airports

New hearing program to make big noise as a possible alternative to using hearing aids.

Literature speaks to the fact that SCI research has matured to the point that clinical trials being held or planned

ReWalk ushers in the age of the exoskeleton | Ars Technica

You won’t need a driver’s license by 2040

Feel-Good Tales of Prosthetic Redemption, High Tech & Low

Brain Implant Could Increase Cognitive Function Of Dementia, Stroke Patients

Disabled UM students file complaint over inaccessible online courses

Robot mastery in the blink of an eye

New Hands-Free Computer Tech is Life Changing for Disabled Users | Wall Street Daily

2012 Guide to the Best Apps for Individuals Living with Paralysis

Ultrasound improves efficiency of transdermal drug delivery

Triple-amputee veteran gets ‘smart’ home on September 11

Handheld device that saves lives

New SmarTrip machines can’t be used under ADA rules |

PocketSMS APP for DeafBlind Person

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