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Apps for access

The world of apps has revolutionized access to assistive technology (AT), drastically reduced costs for families, and has helped to mainstream AT for many users. Apps have given our youngest children and our older adults (and the rest of us) a level playing field to easily access all sorts of actions – speech to text, augmentative communication, hand held magnification, turn taking, time management and so much more. Though not always the best choice for all users, apps have made a world of difference for many individuals with disabilities needing access to affordable, easy-to-use technology. And many AT companies agree as they race to develop and release a variety of apps and packages that serve their clients. Over the past year, MD TAP has shared information on many assistive technology apps in a variety of our publications including Tapping Technology (our quarterly newsletter) and AT Updates (a monthly update on new technology). And next week we’re forging forward as we participate in an innovative and highly anticipated workshop on the latest assistive technology apps.

Next Tuesday we’ll be taking part in the APPS-olutely HOT! workshop hosted by AT:LAST in Columbia Maryland. With a focus on apps that improve communication, learning, and independent living, we’ll be hosting a special session on blind & low-vision apps. We’ll bring you pictures, updates and a review from this workshop next week, so stay tuned!

To learn more about this workshop, visit AT:LAST.

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  1. Weston says:

    Exactly where is the facebook like link ?

    • MDTAP Blog says:

      The Facebook “Like” link is located directly under each post. Thanks!

    • Jeg har mange gange før fÃ¥et kommentarer: “Du kunne da godt have sagt, at vi skulle have haft solbriller pÃ¥ hø hø” – men det er jeg ret ligeglad med! 😀 Men krop er generelt bleg, og det har jeg affundet mig med 😀

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