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Hi guys, this week is a huge week for those in the assistive technology community; it’s the week of ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association) conference in Orlando, Florida.  One of our veteran AT specialists is currently at the ATIA conference learning, engaging, consulting, educating and collaborating with folks in attendance.  Denise Schuler will be part of an esteemed panel discussing matters related to mobile device deployment.

Blue screen with with letters ATI and Assistive Technology Industry Association

The ATIA conference is a world-renowned AT conference and they have participants and presenters from across the globe in attendance each year.  ATIA is also one of the primary organizations for the progress, discussion and the ongoing development of AT here in the US.  This group consists of manufacturers, sellers, resellers, and service providers of AT products, equipment and services in the US.  

Blue and white ATIA 2020 logo on screen with words 'share, learn, connections" and dates January  28 - February 1

Finally, to learn more about ATIA, AT or digital accessibility feel free to reach out to us at MDTAP or if you wish to take the lead, hit the link below.


Again, guys thanks so much for reading!

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