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Hey guys, I hope this blog post finds you all well!  The latest accessibility offering by Comcast is a really big result in the realms of accessibility and equal access.  I am so impressed with Comcast that a mainstream cable supplier is investing their resources to increase accessibility to their product line.  Specifically, Comcast have added a fantastic accessibility feature for those with significant motor challenges such as individuals with ALS in the form of integration of Eye-Gaze control of their cable box’s graphic user interface (GUI)!  The X1 Eye Control is not a physical device, it is instead a web-based remote that interacts with an existing eye control unit setup, a consumer already owns.  This eye control system works with either a tablet or a computer to remotely control the cable box setup.

Close up of tablet with X1 app open


A YouTube video below shows an individual with significant motor challenges using the X1 Eye Control in conjunction with his current Eye Gaze setup to full interact with his cable box GUI with ease.


X1 Eye Control is provided to consumers at zero cost, and relies on the use of a web page remote that works absolutely seamlessly with existing eye gaze hardware/software setups, Sip-and-Puff switches and other assistive technology solutions.  End users can now change the channel, launch the in-system menus, record the next world cup game, set future recordings and much more!  In addition, the X1 Sports App can now be utilized so sports fans have real-time sports scores, stats right into their viewing experience.  The latest software update has a comprehensive accessibility menu that also includes closed captioning, video descriptions and voice guidance. Finally, ‘voice commands’ for fast searches can now be typed out using a consumer’s eye gaze without the need to speak!

Close up of computer with X1 app open using guide features


Overall, I am so excited to see that Comcast is working hard to provide access to their products for all users with and without disabilities.  I am hoping the other cable and satellite providers also spend their resources to create similar accessibility features for their respective GUI.

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