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AT in the news for the week of 3/17 thru 3/21.

I’m watching this app in development at UMass to help blind travelers navigate the Boston transit system

The New Frontier in Accessible Transportation

Tobii Leads With Eye-Tracking

Aquatics and Robotics: Unique Exercise Options for Individuals with Spinal Cord Dysfunction

ICYMI, Android Wear: Zen and the art of smartwatch design

3D printing promises better bionic limbs for the war-wounded

The Car Built Specifically For People With Disabilities Is Back

Smartphone apps link with hearing aids to improve functionality

AT Android APP: Apps to help with learning disabilities and ADHD

Future Planning Center To Assist Disability Caregivers

A 3D printed hand brings the crowd to their feet

Robots to aid walking offer new tool to aging, disabled

Samsung Launches Three Assistive Technology Accessories For Galaxy Core

This Little Thing May Help You Find Your Keys

Samsung’s ultrasonic case turns humans into bats

United Spinal Association is hosting a Webinar: Getting the Right Mobility Equipment and Services

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